Add symbols on your floor plan

INITIAL - Once your plans are finalized, you can add technical symbols to them.

1. Go to the 'Plan details' step and click on the 'Symbol' menu.

2. Search for the desired symbol either through the catalogs or the search bar.

3. Click on the thumbnail representing the desired symbol.

4. With a left click of the mouse on your workspace, place it where you want it on the plan, rotating it if necessary (You can move it at any time by holding down the left click on it).

5. In the right column, you can:

  • customize its dimensions and angle (1st tab)
  • customize its color (2nd tab)
  • 11-général effet miroirapply a "mirror effect" to your symbol by changing its symmetry axis (this will be useful for stairs, for example)

9-03 add symbols

9-symbols proportion💡 With the 'Aspect ratio conservation' option, the dimensions change proportionally. If you change the width, the length will automatically change.

❗ Note that 'Symbols' can also be added from the 'Folder' step to all your types of plans (floor plan, site plan, roof plan, elevation plan, and cross-section plan).11-symbols in Folder