Add and customize a roof plan

Level : Intermediate

Roof plans allow you to add specific details about the roofs of your project.

Add a roof plan

1. Access the 'Folder' step.

2. Click on the 'Add a roof plan' box.

3. Enter a roof plan name.

4. Edit the roof plan information
(See 'Basic Options' in Edit a Roof Plan)

5. Return to the plans page.

11-04 add a roof plan (new)

Edit a roof plan

If you want to modify the information to appear on a roof plan, you can do so at any time. To do this, click on the thumbnail representing the plan you want to modify and make updates from the following four entry points:

  • Basic options

These options are accessible from the 'Plan' tab in the right-hand panel.

  • 'Dimensions' allows you to show or hide all the dimensions on the roof plan. By default, there are no dimensions, only free dimensions are affected.
  • 'Roof slopes' allows you to show or hide the roof pitch information.
  • 'Show slope in degrees (°)' allows you to choose the unit of measurement for roof pitches in percentage or degrees.
  • 'Compass rose' allows you to show or hide the compass rose on the plan.


  • Modify the text for roof pitches

By clicking on the value of a roof pitch, you can modify the display style:

11-04 roof pitch edit (new)

  • Add Symbols
Similarly to the 'Plan details' step, you have the option to add symbols to your floor plans.

1. Search for the desired symbol, either through the search bar or in the various catalogs provided.

11-symbols in Folder

2. Select the thumbnail representing the desired symbol.

3. With a left click of the mouse, click on the location on the floor plan where you want to place your symbol (you can move it by holding down the left click on the symbol).

4. In the right column, you can (in the first tab) resize/rotate the symbol or (in the second tab) change its color.

11-04 Add symbol on roof plan

11-général effet miroir💡 From the right column, you can apply a 'mirror effect' to your symbols to modify their axes of symmetry
(This will be useful for stairs, for example).

  • Add and edit Text and Shapes

You have the ability to add and configure text as well as lines, arrows and rectangles directly on the plan using the 'Text' and 'Shapes' tools:

11-text in Folder 11-shapes in Folder

11-04 add and edit text and line on roof plan

  • Add and edit dimensions

You can add free dimensions to your plans. To do this, you can use the 'Dimensions' tool.

11-dimensions roof plan in Folder
11-04 add dimensions (new)

Delete a roof plan

1. From the 'Folder' step, hover the mouse pointer over the plan to delete.

2. A red icon representing a trash can appears.

3. Click on it and confirm the deletion.

11-04 delete roof plan (new)