Design and customize walls

Level: Easy

In the 'Walls' menu, draw the exterior walls and interior partitions and take advantage of the tools and options to customize them.

2-03 Walls Menu

Draw Walls and Partitions

1- From the 'Layout' step, in the 'Walls' menu, select the 'Wall' or 'Partition wall' tool (the usage is the same, only the default thickness differs).

2- Modify the default thickness if necessary.

3- A left-click on the grid starts drawing the partition.

4- Each left-click marks a pause in the drawing.

5- Finish the drawing with a final double left-click on the validation arrow (represented at the end of the current partition).

2-03 Draw walls

2-03 hidden wall tool❗The 'Hidden wall' tool, which notably allows representing specific surfaces without creating partitions (e.g., hopper, open kitchen...), is used in the same way.

Layout : Customization Options and Tools

  • 'Repeat action' Option sélection continue

Enabling this option allows you to chain the drawing of partitions.

(The 'Space' bar on your keyboard will cancel the current action)

2-03 Repeat action

  • 'Magnetism' Option 11-général magnetisme

2-03 magnetism angleEnabling this option allows you to ensure a cleaner drawing with automatic assistance on your partition angles at 90° (45° and 135°).

  • Moving Walls and Precision Measurements

> You can refine a partition angle by clicking on the green point representing the intersection of two walls:

1- Click on the blue point at the intersection.

2- Hold left-click and move the point with the mouse to modify the intersection angle.

3- Determine the angle more precisely using the arrows on your keyboard.


> You can move your walls by selecting them:

1- Click on the partition to move.

2- Hold left-click and move the partition with the mouse to reposition it.

3- Determine the partition's position more precisely using the arrows on your keyboard.


> You can redefine the various measurements of your drawing:

1- Click on the desired measurement.

2- Enter the expected length (in ft & inches) of the measurement.

3- Click on the blue or orange arrow to choose the direction of the measurement.

2-03 Change angle and move walls

  • Modifying a Wall

When you have drawn a wall, you can change its properties in the settings:

- Its height, which by default corresponds to the height defined for the entire level.

⚠️ A wall's height cannot exceed that defined for the entire level on which it was drawn!

- Its thickness (between 0 3/4" and 3'-3 1/4").  

2-03 cut ceiling option- Whether it is cut by the ceilings (complete floor) OR by the ceilings / lining (under the roof).

2-03 Customize wall

Note that you can complement your drawing
thanks to the 'Beams' and 'Posts' tools.