Install and customize your posts

From the 'Layout' step, you will be able to represent the posts of your project both indoors and outdoors.

Create a Post

1 - Go to the 'Walls' menu in the 'Layout' step

2 - Select the 'Post' tool

3 - Position it on the project (dimensions will appear to indicate distances from different walls and partitions) and confirm with a click

❗A post can be positioned both inside and outside the building, at all levels of the project except for the 'Terrain' level.

2-30 - Create post

4 - If needed, duplicate the post (a dimension will appear to indicate the space between existing posts)

image-png-Sep-22-2023-07-12-24-0711-PM💡If you have multiple posts to create, feel free to use the 'Continuous selection' option available in your outlining space.

2-30 - Copy post

Edit a Post

1 - Select the post you want to edit

2 - Change its length and width values (using the 'up / down' arrows or by entering a value)

3 - Confirm with the 'Enter' key

4 - By default, the elevation and height of the post are set from "slab to slab". If necessary, uncheck the option and then change your elevation and height values (negative elevation is possible).

2-30 - Modify post

Delete a Post

1 - Select the post you want to delete

2 - In the control panel, move to the red icon representing a trash can

3 - Confirm your action with the 'Enter' key

2-30 - Delete post