How to type a room

Ease the reading of the plan and of the surface plan aerea by editing and customizing your rooms.

Editing a room

  1. In the step 'Layout' click on the 'Room type' tab
  2. Select the thumbnail matching your room, then click again on the aera representing the room.

Test edit

Customizing a room

💡 After selecting the room a blue border appears all around the selected room.

  1. After selecting the room you typed, the 'Information' panel on the right will appear, enabling you to modify the room's name.  
  2. The 'Room Options' section allows you to customize specific characteristics of the room, such as whether to display the baseboard, ceiling, and floor. You can also toggle the "annex area" option.  
  1. Next, in the 'Dimensions' section, you have the choice to either increase or decrease the 'Ceiling thickness' and the 'Finished floor thickness'.

2-05 -  ̈Customize a room

💡 "Depending on the room type, certain room options come preconfigured. For example, the "Annex area" checkbox is automatically selected for a room classified as 'Garage'.