Customize the surface table

Level: Easy

In the dedicated menu of the 'Plan Details' step, you can manage and customize different surfaces: terrain surface, floor surface, room surfaces (living, annex...).

From the 'Plan Details' step, navigate to 'Surface areas". Three sub-menus allow you to customize the surface table: 

Summary surfaces

9-07 Summary surfaces menu

This sub-menu presents the total values of the surfaces deduced from the manipulations carried out in the 'Layout', 'Opening', 'Roof', and 'Exterior' steps.

9-07 Summary surfaces presentation

Notes :

  • Lot area > reflects the value of the drawn lot at the 'Terrain' level in the 'Layout' step.
  • Glazed Surface > a percentage appears to indicate the quantity & proportion of windows on the walls.

Display L.A / T.I.A :

In this sub-menu, you can also define if you want to distinguish 'Living Area/Total Internal Area' in your project.

By default, the 'Minimum Height' value is set to 5'-10 3/4". Once checked, this option will display (dashed line) the defined limit in the relevant rooms. And a double value "LA:... / TIA:..." will appear under the room name..

9-07 LA TIA representation

9-07 windows presentationGlazed Area Distribution :

A 'Compass rose' shows the distribution in % of the openings (considered as 'glazed surfaces') in your project.

Checking the option will display this compass rose in the 'Table of Surfaces' document downloadable from your project sheet.


Detailed surfaces

9-07 Detailed surfaces menuIn this sub-menu, you can control the different surfaces of the house (and the spaces attached to the structure: terraces, porches, balconies...).

9-07 Detailed surfaces presentation

Notes :

  • The table presents the surfaces per room, per floor, in total, distinguishing between Living Areas (LA), Total Internal Areas (T.I.A), or Annex Areas (A.A) (if 'Display LA/TIA' option is activated)
  • The left checkboxes allow adding (checked) or excluding (unchecked) the floor (rows 'ROOM') or the relevant room from the total surface.
  • The right checkboxes allow placing (checked) the relevant room in the Annex Areas.

    The calculation of LA and TIA is based on the activation and definition of your 'minimum height for L.A' (see "Summary Surfaces").


Floor area

9-07 Floor area menuThis sub-menu allows you to control which areas are considered in the floor surface of the project and possibly customize it.

9-07 Floor area presentation

The project's areas taken into account in the 'Floor Area' are colored in blue for each project floor. 

As with 'Detailed Surfaces' the checkboxes on the right will allow adding (checked) or excluding (unchecked) the area of the different rooms from this surface.


9-07 table area example(A complete 'Table of surfaces' example downloaded from the project file)