Download your files

Level : Easy

Download all the documents you need to create a complete project proposal for your customers.

Download documents from the project file

From the project information page, you can download:

  • The surface table and the glazed area distribution by clicking on the download button. The document will be downloaded in PNG format.


  • The site plan and floor plans:
You can download each plan independently in PNG format by clicking on the download arrow.

You can also download a document with all the plans by clicking on 'Generate a PDF plan'.

You can choose to include or exclude the site plan by checking the 'Include site plan' box.

Choose the document settings (margins, scale, format, orientation...) and then click on 'generate' to create your PDF.

  • 3D renderings

Download your 3D renders from the project sheet by clicking on the download arrow.

Download documents from the 'Folder' step

You can download your documents from the 'Folder' step.

You can also create a document with visuals, plans, surface tables... and download it.