Create a gable roof

INITIAL - Add a gable roof in just a few clicks on Cedreo.

Draw the roof

  1. In the 'Layout' step, add a level to create a new floor on the upper level and a ceiling on the lower level.
  2. Add exterior walls that will be used as support for the roof at this new level.
  3. In the 'Roof' step, click on 'gable roof' and then draw the roof point by point outside the walls.

💡 For simple roofs, you can click on the automatic detection that will create your roof automatically

add a gable roof

Modify roof settings

  1. In the options panel on the right, you can change the height, ridge offset and angle/percentage of your slope.
  2. By selecting an edge of your roof, you can change the lower slope and create roof overhangs.

modify the parameters of a gable roof