Add or remove a level

Cedreo lets you extend your home by adding levels.

Create a level

1. In the 'Layout' step, go to the 'Level' tool to create a floor (level) or basement.

2. Select the type of level you wish to add

3. An assistant appears at the top right and offers to duplicate the exterior walls of the adjacent floor.

2-06 - Add a level

💡 Duplicating exterior walls saves you time and precision.

Modify level


2-06 - Customize a level

1. First you can add or remove walls.

2. In the 'Information' box on the right, you can rename your level.

3. You can also customize your level by changing its ceiling, finished floor or slab thickness.

Delete a level

⚠️ You can't delete a basement level if it has its own lower level, and likewise, you can't delete an upper level if it has its own upper level. The ground floor is the only level that you can never delete

1.  Select the level you wish to delete

2.  If you are already in the level you wish to delete, make sure you select the 'Level' tab in the right-hand options menu.

3.  If the level can be deleted, click on the red garbage icon in the right-hand column. Your level is now completely deleted.

2-06 - Delete a level