Use shapes

With this tool, you will be able to create additional structural elements (post, ramp, step...).

Create a shape

1. From the 'Materials' step, go to the 'Shape' menu.

2. Select the desired shape and place it at the desired level and location.

⚠️ Once a shape is placed along a wall, it cannot be moved (it will be considered attached to the wall).

7-05 - Create shape

Adjust a shape

Once the shape is positioned, you will be able to reposition it, resize it, and apply any material.

1. To move a shape, left-click and hold on the selected shape.

❗ To facilitate shape adaptation to your project, feel free to uncheck the collision option to have more freedom of movement.

2. To rotate or elevate it, use the arrows (purple for elevation, orange for rotation). These two tools are also available in the right-hand control panel.

3. Modify its dimensions (height, length, width) in the control panel.

7-05 - Adapt shape

4. You can then apply the material to the created shape.

💡 The global application tool will allow you to apply the same material to your entire shape in one click.

 7-05 - Apply material



Useful options

  • Advanced rotation

By activating this option, a shape can be oriented on diagonal axes as well. 

7-05 - Advanced rotation

  • Shape copy / Material duplication

7-05 - Copier dupliquer

With these two options, you can quickly duplicate existing shapes or materials to harmonize your shapes.

  • Display on the plans

⚠️ This feature is only available for projects in which the terrain module is enabled

Show on the planBy enabling this option on your shapes, you will make them appear on the roof plans, cross section plans, and elevation views.

7-05 - visuel final