Select and save a point of view

INITIAL - In the 'HD Visual' step, it is possible to save multiple viewpoints in order to optimize the generation of your renderings.

You can save a large number of viewpoints on your projects. This allows you to quickly retrieve a specific view, even after closing your projects.

💡 Note that when you save a viewpoint, the software also saves the sun and environment configuration.

1 - From the 'HD Visual' step, go to the 'Viewpoint' tab in the right-hand control panel.

2 - Position the camera where you want it.

3 - Once the camera is positioned, click on 'Save current viewpoint'.


(Note that you can delete saved viewpoints at any time by clicking on the 'trash can' icon on the thumbnails)

8-04 - View point configuration

8-04 - Save a view point 4 - To resume a position from a saved viewpoint, simply click on the corresponding thumbnail.

8-04 - saved cam❗Note that your different viewpoints are represented by a camera icon on the 2D window of the 'HD Visual' step (see attached photo). By clicking on these icons, you will automatically assume the selected viewpoint.