Import a floor plan

INITIAL - Don't start from a blank sheet, import your 2D plan and draw on your layer to save time in the design of your house projects.

1 - Go to the Drawing step. 

2 - Click on the green "Load image" button in the right panel.

💡 Click on an empty part of your workspace to reveal the panel.

3 - Select your plan from the files on your computer. The file must be in PNG, JPEG, PDF, DWG (or DXF) formats.

Import floor plan

4 - Then, move the blue ruler to a known dimension.

❗Left-click is used to move the ruler, right-click is used to move the plan, and the scroll wheel is used for zooming.

💡 Place your ruler on the largest known dimension to minimize scaling errors. Position the ends of the ruler as accurately as possible.

5 - Enter the value of your ruler in the field on the right (in cm).

Edit ruler length


6 - The layer will then appear on the grid. You can adjust the layer settings on the right to:

  • Rotate it: by increasing/reducing the rotation using the arrows or by entering a value in the field.
  • Move it: by using the up/down and left/right arrows.
  • Reduce or increase its opacity: by changing the value in the field or using the up/down arrows.
  • Bring it to the forefront: by checking the "First plan" box.

Change floor plan parameters


7 - Modify the scale of your layer if necessary by clicking on the button with a ruler icon.

8 - Delete the floor plan by clicking the red button with a trash can icon.

9 - To import a layer on an upper level, switch to the relevant level and proceed in the same manner.


❗Please note, importing a DWG (or DXF) file involves a different process:

Discover the tutorial dedicated to this procedure here.