Create a single slope roof

INITIAL - Draw a single slope roof in a few clicks with Cedreo

Draw your roof

1. First, add an upper level with exterior walls that will serve as a slab for the upper level, as a ceiling for the lower level and as base for the roof.

2. In the 'Roof' step, click on 'Single slope roof' then draw the roof point by point outside the walls

💡 For simple roofs, you can click on the automatic detection which creates an automatic roof.

Draw a single slope roof

Modify roof settings

❗Before changing the roof settings, if you need, you can change its direction

1. Change the height and angle/percentage of the slope

2. Select an edge of the roof to change the bottom slope and/or create an overhang

modify a single slope roof

3. You can modify the thickness of the roof covering and the thickness of the finished roof (thickness of roof covering + roof lining (inside)).

change the roof thickness - single slope roof