Add elevation points

From the menu "Land", using the elevation point tool, you can represent the different the different terrain elevations of the project.

Add one or more elevation points

1.  From the "Layout" step, go to the "Land" menu. Then select the "Elevation point" tool.

2.  Give a default elevation to the point. This value is set to 0" by default (flat terrain).

3.  Place the elevation point by clicking on the work area.


226 - Add an elevation point


💡 If you have several elevation points of the same value to place, activate the "repeat action" option !


226 - Add multiple elevation points

Modify or delete elevation points

1.  To modify a point, click on the point to edit.

2.  In the right-hand column, under the "information" section, modify the value (by using the "up/down" keyboard arrows or by directly entering a value, validate it by pressing the key "Enter").

3.  Additionally in the right-hand column, delete the point if necessary by clicking on the red symbol representing a bin (or by selecting the point in the work area and clicking on the key "Delete").

226 - Modify and delete elevation point