Send an invitation email to a teammate

When you create a user, an invitation is sent by email. The users needs to activate its account from a link included in the email

⚠️ This feature is available for Enterprise accounts only. You need to have the 'Team Manager" right to create a user. If you do not have this right, ask the account owner to grant it to you.

❗If the user already activated his/her account, it is not possible to send an invitation email again.


An invitation email with an activation link is automatically sent to each new user created. You can send it back by following these instructions.


1.  Click on the "Team" menu entry 
2.  Click on the user you want to send a new activation email
3.  From the User Information page, srcoll down and click on the "Send back the invitation email" button

💡 The activation link included in the invitation email is valid 24hours.