Resize your layout in one click

INTERMEDIATE - Enlarge or reduce the dimensions of your projets while preserving your layouts.

First resizing tool

    1. In the step "Layouts" click and select "transformations" and choose the action you are looking for : Enlarge or Reduce.
    2. In the section "REsizing step (cm)", enter the size of the cut or enlargement you want.
    3. Position the cut line over the wall or partition wall you want to modify.
    4. A first click will fiw th cut line and a second one will execute the expected action. 

    💡  Notice that the walls and roof of the superior and/or inferior levels align themselves to the new dimensions.

    Second resizing tool

    ⚠️  Be mindful of the "show settings", the checkbox "Measurement" must be checked. 

      Test cote-1
      1. In the step "layouts", click and select the dimensions you want to modifiy.
      2. The little boxed text enables you to modify the dimensions. 
      3. Click and select either the blue or orange arrow to choose the side to modify.