Draw a deck in Exterior step [Terrain Module]

Once the ground is leveled, a terrace can be represented, with or without adding a deck skirt, both the 2D (plan) and 3D steps.

❗Note that on a sloping terrain, you will first need to flatten your terrain with the "patio" tool for example > See our "Draw exterior spaces" tutorial.

504 - Create a patio

1.  In the step "Exterior", under the menu "Deck", select the dedicated tool.

2.  Draw the deck on the desired location but keep in mind "1 click = 1 turn".

3.  Complete the layout of the deck by double clicking on the last point of the space..

504 - Create a deck

4.  In the right-hand column, customize the parameters of your terrace by adjusting its thickness and elevation (using the "up/down" arrows or by directly entering a value validated by the "enter" key).

5.  Still in the right-hand column, a "skirt" can be added or now to the deck (by checking or unchecking the dedicated box).

504 - Customize the deck

💡 The materials of the terrace and the skirt can be different. They can be changed here but we recommend to do it in the "Materials" step (more choices)