Drawing a Pergola in the Layout Step

With the "beams" and "posts" tools, you can design your own pergolas in Cedreo.

1- Go to the Layout step 

2- Select the beam tool and draw the beams that will represent the top of your pergola. 

❗Use the continuous selection to draw multiple beams at once. 

💡 Reduce the default beam thickness for thinner beam bars. 

3- Create a right angle with the beams (or a square if your pergola is not attached to the house)  and add as many beams as desired.

Position the beams for a pergola

4- Select the post tool.

5- Position a post at each corner that does not have support on the pergola (if it is not attached to the structure, you'll need 4 posts. If it's attached to the structure, one post may work).

Position the post for a pergola

6- Go to the material step. 

7- Select the coating of your choice and apply it to the posts.