Activate or not the terrain module features

When opening an existing project you can choose to activate or not the terrain elevation tools and options.

Activate the terrain elevation features

When opening an existing project, click on the "Activate" button.

Cedreo will then adapt the project to provide access to all features.



❗Your old outdoor elements (lawn, driveway, wall, hedge,...) remain existing (selectable, modifiable). But you can't create new ones.

Select exterior tool


⚠️ With a "lawn" on the entire floor (after activation of the terrain module), what would have been drawn below the "terrain" level (basement) will have to be readjusted.

pelouse partout


❗If you want to cancel the activation of terrain elevation features on your existing project, you will have to close it without saving it.

No save

Not activate the terrain elevation features

1 - When opening an existing project, click on the "Maybe later" button (or on the "Close" option).

Cedreo will keep the project in its initial version but with the appearance of all the sub-menus and tools specific to the terrain elevation module.

No activate


❗Not activate the terrain elevation feature allows you to have access in the "Exterior" step to "Old exterior tools".

Old exterior tools


2 - You can activate any of the terrain elevation feature tools at any time.

❗Activate one of the tools will automatically activate all the features

Activated after launching